On Saturday, February 27 I was blessed to join Greenbelt Chapel’s Lenten Pilgrimage. It was such a blessed experience to have good friends with me as I go through that wonderful spiritual journey. I am grateful for that opportunity, however, since Saturday night my mind is restless.

Restless. My mind is wandering in so many different thoughts; what could have beens, what ifs… Some are beautiful and awesome – which makes me get excited on what is there to come… Some were awful that scares the hell out of me… I entertained worries and fears and allowed myself to give in to my own vulnerability.

Sometime last year, I am so excited for 2016 to come, summer of 2016 in particular. I made plans. Plans that could probably change the direction of my life forever. Here comes 2016, few months away from that much awaited escape and God seems to be stirring the wheel to turn (for now) towards a different direction. As I always say, “Your plans Lord, all up to You…” and yet, these past few days I can’t help but ask, “What do You want me to do, Lord?” For the past two years, You have been “shaking” my world and causing me to alter and change plans…  now everything appears to be hazy.

Now, I wanted to go to the US or somewhere far and have some alone time… to be by myself. Away from everybody, away from work, away from my family & chosen family, away from the ministry… to travel… But, I don’t think that’s what God wants me to do in this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Tonight, I was blessed and privileged that I was given the chance to watch the premiere showing of the documentary film of the original image of the Divine Mercy. And tonight, I was also reminded that I have to be still and trust God… A lot of things in this world are beyond my control, a lot of things which are in accordance to God’s plans will happen in His own perfect time whether I like it or not. So tonight, I pray, “Jesus I trust in You” and I will keep on praying that until I get my mind and heart to get back to where it should be…

“Thank You Lord for what has been, Yes Lord for what is yet to come…”


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